2013-2014 season


October 19th British Indoor Championships, Chill Factore, 1ST PLACE: BRITISH KIDS CHAMPION

October 13th Grassroots Wakeboard Tour, Salford Quays, 1ST PLACE: WOMEN

June 8th: English Indoor Championships, Chill Factore, 1ST PLACE: ENGLISH INDOOR KIDS CHAMPION,

May 11th: Scottish Indoor Championships, Glasgow 1ST PLACE: SCOTTISH INDOOR KIDS CHAMPION: 2nd, women’s overall

2012-2013 season

March 29th: British Half Pipe Championships, France: 2nd Female Kid

March 28th: British Slopestyle Championships, France: 3rd Female Kid

March 25th: British BoarderCross Championships, France 4th Place Kid Girl

Feb 10th: Alberta Half Pipe series, part 2, Olympic Park, Canada 2nd 14 Girl

Jan 26th: BackYard Rail Jam: Banff, Canada 1st U16 Girl

Nov 9th: Westbeach in and out, Milton Keynes 3rd U16 Girl.

Oct 20th: Maverix Happy Slamming, Chill Factore 1st U16 Girl.

Oct 13th: Westbeach in and out, Bearsden, 2nd U16 Girls

Sept 23rd; British Indoor Championships, 1st Place, Female 12 and under.    BRITISH INDOOR KIDS CHAMPION!  5th overall woman

July 7th:   Strawberry Jam, Chatham,  1st place, women’s overall

June 9th: Southern Freestyle, Bracknell,   3rd Under 16 girl   –    3rd Women’s Overall

May 19th: Scottish Indoor Championships,  7th,  women’s overall





2011-2012 season

May 28th: The Oakely Grom Games,   “  3rd 12 and under girl

June 4th: Southern Freestyle Series (Dryslope)  3rd 12 and under girl

July 16th: Southern Freestyle Series (Dryslope)  3rd 12 and under girl

Sept 10th: Westbeach Snowflex Freestyle Series,   women’s finalist

Sept 24th: British Indoor Championships  2nd 12 and under girl

Nov 18th:   Burton Hi5 Tour, Chill Factore,  2nd  12 and under girl

Nov 20th – Lowlander Series (Dryslope)  2nd women’s

Dec 3rd:  Scottish Dryslope Freestyle Champs   2nd women’s

March 20th: British SnowboardCross,   Laax.   4th    12 and under girl

March 21st: British Big Air Championships,  Laax   3rd   12 and under girl Laax

March 22nd: British Half Pipe Championships, Laax  3rd    12 and under girl

March 23rd: British SlopeStyle Championships, Laax  4th   12 and under girl

British Snow Tour  –   OVERALL RUNNER UP