Blog 2-5 British Championships 2014

The British champs was held in Tignes France this year, before that I went out to Pila, Italy with Why Aint You Jibbin to do a training camp.


It was so much fun, Kate is so nice and Steve is the best cook ever! I learnt loads of great stuff.


I got to meet Thea who is on the Chill Factore team as well but we had never really spoke as she is a skier so we don’t have training together. I had so much fun riding and hanging out with her.


The new Avengers Assemble film is being filmed in Pila and we got to see the set and some of the Avenger Actors. My Mum was so jealous.


At the end of the week we headed to Tignes for the Brits and to meet my Mum.

I am now in a crew called The Orphans and we do lots of filming and riding together. I was really looking forward to the Brits because the other Orphans were coming to ride too. Our coach John Weatherley has set up the BoobyTrap movement and we BoobyTrapped everything at the Brits including my lucky Brick who now has her own edit.

Brickney Stone and The Orphan Children

Riding with them all was so much fun


I have had lots of fun training for the Brits at Chill Factore, Maverix Snow camps and at Evolve Gym in Salford. I do parkour and trapeze classes at Evolve and my Future League Coach also takes me for acrobatics lessons there too. I have also done lots of skateboarding.


The competition started on the Monday with the Monster Rail Jam.


On Tuesday it was Boarder Cross. Boarder cross is so fun and while we were waiting we built a little snowman and filled it with bangers. It was such a good day and I came 2nd in the kids section. Well done to Mia for 3rd and Maise for 1st.


Waiting for BoarderCross to start

10155389_661579150577295_2110651918302740395_n (1)

We had so much fun at the presentation!


My favorite event was half pipe. I had been so excited to get back into the pipe as I hadn’t had chance to go in it since the Brits last year. It was such an exciting day and I managed to get some 360’s in. I was stoked to find out that I had qualified into the overall women’s final in 5th place. I was so amazed and I got to ride with the best pipe riders in Britain. I was even more amazed that I almost got my first ever 540 in the pipe! My final place was 5th out of the whole of the women riders, still buzzing about it!

It was the best competition week EVER and I came away with 2 silvers, 1 bronze and a 5th place overall 🙂

podium pic

Me with my new It’s a Season Thing Hat, Tignes Spirit Hoodie, Capita Board and Union Bindings. Tignes Spirit looked after my board at the Brits and even taught me how to wax skis. (I feel sorry for the guy who had to get the wax and PTex off after I had finished)

Thank you so much to my Sponsors and everyone else who have helped and supported me.



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