Blog 2-4 My Super Rad Road Trip

My rad road trip started on the 3rd of Jan when we loaded up the car and van and set off for a week in Laax, Switzerland.


We had to cross the channel by ferry and it was the stormiest journey ever. At first Janine pretended that she was in titanic but then it got really bumpy so we decided not to stand at the edge of the boat!


While we were trying to stand up, Owen Godbold staged his very own fashion show


It was such a long journey but we had so much fun on the way.


I had promised Darren from Subvert boardstore that I would make sure me and Owen sat in the front of the van with Jamie Keeble and try to wind him up. I agreed because winding Keeble up is so much fun.


We carried on winding him up when we got to the apartment.


Laax has a freestyle academy full of trampolines, a skate park and loads of other cool stuff. My Future League coach Matt Boote had come to Laax with us and taught me some cool tricks on the trampolines.

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The next morning we all went shredding. I was really excited to try out my new Capita microscope board and Union bindings on the mountain. I have been so lucky to have been offered places on these teams last year.

1535484_619913454743865_327299491_n (1)

I love Laax so much as it has such a great jib line and I managed to learn lots of new stuff.

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I managed some pretty good slams too but nothing broke so it was all good.

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It was one of the sickest holidays I have ever had and the people I went with were awesome.

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Can’t wait till my next trip!


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