Blog 2-2 My First Wakeboard Competition

In June I started Wakeboarding!  My acrobatic coach Matt from Future League and Evolve Gym also teaches wakeboarding and suggested I give it ago, it was so much fun and in October I entered my first competition, The Grass Roots Series. It was such an awesome day because lots of my team mates from Future League were also riding so we all got to hang out and support each other.


There was loads of other stuff to do too, My gym Evolve brought some parkour equipment which was loads of fun and there was loads of great music from Drop Productions.


In wake boarding you only get one go so I was stoked that my run was clean. Got my board slide on the A Frame, a 3 on the box and a 180 over the kicker.  I also did some switch tricks too.

_RIS7762 _RIS7741

It was such an awesome day, and it got even better when I found out that I had won my section.


I can’t wait to get back on a wakeboard when it warms up a bit so I can nail my 3’s, I can get round but haven’t mastered the handle pass just yet!