Blog 1-4, The British Indoor Champs, September 2012

The British Indoor Championships

My mum and I arrived at the premier inn in Castleford at about 8 o clock. We were sharing a room with my Chillfactore and Ride Snowboard team mate, Owen Godbold and my second mum Jay. We had a good night watching the art of flight and annoying my mum by stealing her diary. In the morning we were woken up at about 7. I got up, got myself dressed and then I went to jump on Owen who was still in bed. We got to Castleford soon after and I went straight up stairs to catch up with all my friends and to look at the park. I was not as nervous as usual because I’ve had some amazing training from Chillfactore and Maverix recently as well as riding with some amazing riders such as John Weatherly and the Stdy Wings guys, so I was more excited to go out and have some fun and try out some new tricks.

They started with the kid and youth sections and it was really good to see that there was so many girls in these categories.  My first run went really well and I did a mix of boardslides, gaps and 180’s on and off. I have been working on my switch riding recently so it was great to be able to use it. My second run wasn’t as good but it was clean so I was happy. We then all competed in a jam session with the older riders for the title of overall British Champion. I was so happy that I made it through to the last cut before the finals and placing 5th overall woman.

After the finals were finished we went into the bar for the presentation. I had really enjoyed the competition so I wasn’t concerned about where I had placed because I had had so much fun, I was completely amazed when they called my name up for 1st place kid girl, making me the British Indoor Champion in my section. I was so shocked as that section had been really hard and had some amazing riders in it.


1st Bradie Zimmer-Collins,

2nd Cerys Allen,

3rd Jade Walsh.


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