Blog 1-9, Scottish Championships 2013


The Scottish Championships were held in May in Glasgow.

We drove up the day before the comp. The ride up wasn’t as fun as usual as Owen G was still injured so I had nobody to bug on the way, but I got to stay with my other Ride Team mate JJ which was awesome. Scottish comps are always loads of fun and great to watch because the really big riders go. Had a great night riding with some of the girls, I haven’t seen them since Tignes in March so it was great to catch up.

On the morning of the comp I was a bit scared but so excited. I had to compete in u16 as there was no u13 section, but I had been training hard at Chill Factore so I was looking forward to trying my best. We each had 2 runs and I stomped a 360 of the kicker and some back and front side boardslides of the rails. I was really happy to get 2 clean runs and even happier to find out I had made the women’s overall final.
When the results were called out I was really stoked to take 1st place u16 and amazed that I had also come 2nd in the overall women’s section.
Well done to Vaila Chapman for taking the overall Scottish Title!

scottish 1st