Blog 1-8, British Championships 2013, Tignes

On Friday the 22nd of March 2013 we set of to France for the British Championships. I have had some amazing training from Chill Factore and Maverix and I couldn’t wait to try stuff out on the mountains.

It had all ready been a exciting week because I got a hat sponsor from It’s a Season Thing .
Me and my awesome hat, Thanks.hat

JJ and me on the ferry

Me and the Tignes Spirit Crew, They looked after my board and gave me some goodies.tignes spirit

The first event was boarder cross, I haven’t done SBX since last year at the Brits and I was really excited to get back on a course. I had some training with the Why Ain’t you Jibbin crew before and during the event and I qualified to the semis in 3rd place. The semi’s were over 2 heats and I was so happy to make the final. Unfortunately I fell into a pole in the final, hurt my back and couldn’t finish the course. I was really upset because I didn’t get to finish but I can’t wait to do it again.
boarder cross


On Wednesday I went shredding with WAYJ again and we got to practice in the half pipe which is my favourite thing. My next competition was on Thursday and was slope style. Slope style is my least favourite event and the weather was so bad that we couldn’t see properly. Because of the weather the course was cut so we just had to do one kicker and a few rails. I went for a nose grab on my first run and a cab180 on my second, I couldn’t get the speed to clear the kicker properly though. I was so happy to pick up the bronze in kids women for this event.slopestyle

The final event was Half pipe and I was really excited about this one. It wasn’t great conditions because it was snowing so hard but I still managed to do a front 3, cab 3 and a back 3 in one run. I had such a good time in this event and picked up the silver medal in Kids women.

I really enjoyed the week and had lots of fun riding with all my friends, we did some great powder runs and snowball fights. I met some awesome people there including Katie Blundell who is also on the Ride team. brits19brits15

Playing Gladiators with my Auntie. I won.

I found an icicle that looked like a sea horse and I wanted to take it home with me, Mum said no. I asked if I could have a carving knife for my birthday so I could make ice sculptures at home which I thought was a totally appropriate gift, mum said no. If anyone wants to buy me a carving knife it would be a perfect gift 🙂

I have had an amazing season, big thanks to all my sponsors for their support.