Blog 1-6, January 2013

Last year was awesome!!¬† I was offered sponsorships off my favourite companies: Ride snowboards, Maverix and Chillfactore. Then I went and won the British indoor championships in the 12 and¬†under 12 section which made me really happy, and I had the best time ever making new friends. I have loads of good plans for this year such as going to the outdoor Brits with my Ride and Maverix team mate JJ in March. I am looking forward to going to Tignes for the first time and also meeting the Tignes Spirit team who have offered to look after my board whilst I am there… THANK YOU :). I am also planning on going to Landgraaf with Maverix later on in the year for some training. But first of all I will be going over to see my family in Canada for massive Grandma hugs and some mountain riding!!