Blog 1-5, October 2012

WestBeach In and Out – Bearsden 

My mum and I  set off with Owen Godbold and his mum Jay at about two o clock in the afternoon on Friday 12th.It took four hours to get there but it didn’t feel like it because we had lots of things to do.We decided to sleep over because it was a early start, when we got there we went for some dinner in the pub across the way with some of my other friends from the chillfactore Manchester. After we all went back to the  premium inn for a early night but Jay let us all jump on the bed which made us all giddy.  Then she did a seat drop and broke the bed so we had to stop. Finally we settled down and went to sleep. In the morning we set off to Bearsden dryslope, I was looking forward to this competition because I wanted to catch up with friends and Westbeach always make their comps really fun. The competition ran as a jam session followed a final and then a super final, There was only a few girls so we all made the final. I pushed myself as far as I could and was really happy to make the cut for the super final. Everyone in the super final had two runs which both counted towards the score, I was really pleased to land my indy 180 on the first run and even more happy to land my method on the second, I don’t have a lot of practice on dryslope so I was stoked to land them both. I then had lots of fun doing the team event with Cerys Allen and Abbey Dorward. I didn’t feel nervous at all when they started to announce the result because I know that I had tried my best and had nailed some new tricks so I didn’t really mind where I came. I was really stoked when my name was called out in second place though and couldn’t believe the amazing prizes that I got!!!


1st  – Vaila Chapman                                   

2nd – Bradie Zimmer-Collins

3rd – Cerys Allen


Maverick Happy Slamming part 1
On the 20th of October 2012 I went to the Maverix Happy Slamming at the Chill Factor. It was great to have a comp at Chill Factore because it is my home slope and lots of my friends would be riding, including one of my really good friends Dylan Jones who was riding in his first competition. I convinced him to come because I knew it was going to be a really good night and by the end of the night he was doing some sick grabs of the kicker. When I got there I went to the Maverix tent to hang out and see the guys. We had got there quite early so I had time to meet loads of new people including JJ who is my team mate with Ride Snowboards. It was great to meet someone else from the team. The competition started with a jam session. The Maverix team were counting the slams on the new Maverix rail so because it didn’t matter if people fell, everyone tried new tricks and really pushed themselves. It was really funny and the atmosphere was awesome. The categories were then split into over 16 men, under 16 men, over 16 girls and under 16 girls and everyone competed for a £50 prize. I decided I was going to do something different so I hit the maverix rail one footed, I was pretty shocked that I actually landed it as I was expecting it to be a epic fail. When the results were called out I found myself holding a £50 note. When I first looked at it I thought it looked like monopoly money because I had never seen one before. I gave it to mum to look after because I tend to chew on paper and Mum didn’t think that would be a great idea. It was my first ever cash prize and I wanted to take my mum out for a meal, but she wants me to spend it on myself because it’s my first one so I might save a little bit and buy her a Starbucks.
Big thanks to Maverix for a awesome night!