Blog 1-2, June 2012

19th June 2012


It’s been an amazing week


I’ve had an email from Will Lenton who is the team manager of Ride Snowboards, inviting me and my friend and fellow ChillFactore rider Owen Godbold to join the Ride Mini Shred Team. I am still buzzing about it. Ride is my favorite boarding company and has some of the best snowboarders in the world on their team. The Mini Shred team are amazing riders so I was so stoked to be invited to join them. I haven’t stopped smiling yet and I really hope that I make them proud of me.!/RideSnowboardsUK

Southern Series

On the 9th June  I competed in the Southern Series competition in Bracknell. I travelled down with two of my friends, Brad Gaulter and Scott Walsh from the Chillfactore. Practice started at 11 so we set off at 7. My Mum thought we would sleep in the car but she was wrong, we were far too excited. I had never travelled with Brad or Scott before and we had loads of fun playing on DS and talking. I had mixed feelings about this competition because I don’t really like dry slope and can’t do all my tricks on it yet. But I really enjoy the atmosphere and the Southern Series organisers make the competition so much fun. It is really good to catch up with all my friends too especially Amber who is bonkers and really makes me laugh.  The competition was a jam session followed by finals. I was really pleased to find out I had made the women’s final and was stoked to get a good clean first run. I decided to step it up on my second run and I hit the bigger kicker. Unfortunately I didn’t land this one, but it was still my only fall so I was still happy. When results were called I was really happy to find out that I had placed 3rd in under 16 snowboard and 3rd in women’s overall. The organisers had decided to put both skiing and boarding together in the finals so I was especially happy to gain 3rd place.

Under 16

1st Becky Menday (big hugs to her after she broke her elbow at this competition)
2nd Amber Cordingley
3rd Bradie Zimmer-Collins

Women’s final
1st Madi Rowlands
2nd Sam Rogers
3rd Bradie Zimmer-Collins




Had some amazing training sessions this week. The Chillfactore held their first sponsored riders training session on Wed 13th which was great as I got to meet all the people from the team.  Craig Nelder was the coach and it was so good to ride with him again as he is one of my favourite coaches. He stayed on afterwards the session to ride the park so I got to spend some extra ride time with him. It was even better when Issy Jones came to shred too, she was the first person to teach me how to snowboard and I love riding with her.

Then on Friday 15th I did the Maverix Kickers and rails camp at Chillfactore. I love the maverix camps as J really pushes my bounderies. Spent the morning working on back 3’s which I have almost mastered!!