Blog 1-1, May 2012



Wow what a month May has been.

Competition season kicked off on the 12th with The Ride presents The Sno!Down at Castleford, Leeds. It was the first time I had been to this competition so I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I got there I knew it was going to be good, the park looked great and had something for everyone. It was great fun catching up with some of the other girl riders too and there was even a team event which was loads of fun.

The following Saturday was the Scottish Indoor Championships at Snow Factor in Glasgow. I was looking forward to this one as I would get to see all my friends which I had met in Laax. My mum drove us up and my sister came along to support me which was really cool as she usually can’t come as she is at college. This competition was a practice session followed by 2 judged runs. As there are not many girls at the moment they made the decision to put all 12 women together. As the youngest woman competitor I knew that I would have to ride really well. I did a safety run first, side on to the small gas pipe, followed by a method grab of the small kicker, over the upwards canon and a board slide over the box. It was a clean run and I was really happy with it. In my second run I went for a board slide on the rail, a nose grab off the kicker and a 180 off the canon. This run wasn’t clean because I fell on the cannon and didn’t grab my board properly on the nose grab, but I still happy with my run because I tried some new things. After the runs were over I went to play in the arcades with some friends until it was time for the results.

I was hoping for top 8. So I was stoked to come 7th in the category!!!!


On the 21st of May I had the best news EVER!!

ChillFactore offered me a sponsorship

I learnt to ride at Chillfactore and spend as much time there as I can. I love the place so much, it is really good to ride, has some amazing features and has the best people working and riding there. My coach Dougal pushes me really hard but makes every lesson so much fun. I’m so proud to have joined their team and I hope I make them really proud too.