When I am not training on snow, I’m usually at Evolve Gym at Media city in Manchester where I am one of the Stunt and Aerial Team Athletes.

One of the disciplines that I do at Evolve is Trapeze. I’ve been training in it for over a year now and it’s one of the most fun things to do. My coach is Martha and she performs regularly in festivals and  parades.

11329646_10205162377153676_1297739780_n Martha and I doing Doubles11292743_10205162377313680_1381363919_n


At Christmas Evolve put on an Aerial show and I got to perform a solo piece. My music was When will my life begin? from Disney’s Rapunzal and I even wore a blonde wig and leotard. (everyone who knows me knows I never wear girly stuff usually!) It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do the next one.
10850925_10203968679071970_1229181006_n (2)

Currently I am working on the Isle of Man and Handstands. Handstands aren’t to bad but Isle of man is really tricky. At the moment I spend most of the time on the mats haha.


11271947_10205162379033723_1683359020_nReverse Angel

11328818_10205162376233653_1984272057_n Crescent Moon

11303513_10205162375913645_143600503_n Giselle Rollup

11350283_10205162379153726_713820108_n Candle Stand


My favourite move is handstand as they are really fun to do and I’m going to push myself to get better and better!