I spent sometime on my recent holiday to Tignes testing out some of the 2018 Endeavor boards, both on and off piste and on the park.
I’d never ridden an Endeavor board before but I’ve always been really impressed by the graphics.

Who couldn’t love ‘The Kurt’ board!

Endeavor is a Canadian company founded in 2001 by professional snowboarder Max Jenke and Trans world senior photographer Scott Serfasteam and their ethos is that snowboarding should be simple, not complicated.
On the Endeavor website they state that ‘We focus on designing and building quality product without the gimmicks. With all of our products we strive to produce something that helps you live the adventures you dream of. From epic lines to breath-taking landscapes, we want to take you there.’
Sounds pretty rad!

The woman’s collection consists of three boards –

The Nomad,  designed for all terrain freestyle,

The BoyFriend, designed for all terrain

and the Diamond for all terrain freeride and powder

This seasons graphics on all three boards look awesome with the Nomad sporting a really creative cosmic design on a awesome matt black, whilst The Boyfriend and Diamond are really clean and sleek with a high gloss look, and I love that the powder board has wings!  The boards are really contempary and I love that they have stayed away from the usual ‘pretty’ designs in favour of much more creative ones.
All of the boards benefit from the Endeavor Seamless Sidewall technology which is claimed to drastically reduce vibration and chatter across all terrain.

Although I love freeriding I spend most of my time in the park so I chose to test The Nomad and the Boyfriend.


The Nomad

First up was the Nomad!

I’m used to riding softer boards so I figured that, with a soft flex rating of 3, I would enjoy the feel of the Nomad and I wasn’t disappointed. It was light, full of pop and very flexible yet felt really strong.

It had been snowing the night before so there was quite a bit of powder to play in for the first few hours, and the board handled it really well which was good to know as I’m hoping to go out with the British Freeride team again next season.
It was in the park that this board really came alive tho! The board has a multi camber profile with raised contacts which gave it the smoothest ride and catching an edge felt almost impossible, making it perfect for rails and boxes, although it felt great on kickers too.

It wasn’t long before I was able to get some slushy laps in and the sintered base works well to reduce drag.



The Boyfriend

At this point I had my heart set on the Nomad so I’d set out a few hours to demo The Boyfriend, before getting back on to it. However within a few laps it was obvious that my choice wasn’t as clear cut as I thought it was going to be.
The Boyfriend is a stiffer board with a flex rating of 5 but it also benefits from a carbon beam which is added along the length of the board to increase pop and snap when you want it. This leads to an incredibly playful board in all areas, whilst keeping the stability and control that you would expect from a medium flex.
In the park it was a solid board on the kickers, with landings feeling really smooth, it’s a board that copes well in the small park but likes to be ridden big,

Slushy laps felt effortless as the sintered base counteracted the drag.

I had planned to get back onto the Nomad as soon as possible, but instead I found myself going back and forth as each of them offered something special.
Eventually I had to choice one though and after a great deal of musing and several changes of mind, I eventually decided that the board I will be riding next session is…


     The Boyfriend

Although the Nomad is perfect for the park and rides great in all other areas, I ultimately felt that the all round performance of The Boyfriend was second to none. As my upcoming season plans consist of plenty of time in the halfpipe, playing on kickers and free riding, along with as many slushy days as possible, I felt that The Boyfriend edged it! This season is going to rock!

Now onto some paddle boarding for summer.